May 9th 2019

Check out our recent game jam for #UE4Jam Spring 2019.

Play as god controlling two sides of a coin.

Place plants anywhere while trying to find the best way for them to grow with out being infested.

Careful though, what ever you do to one side of the coin has another effect on the other side of the coin!





March 25th 2019

Play as animals competing in the most ridiculous Battle Royal game you have seen yet.
More to come in the future!

If you are interested in helping on this project drop us a line on discord!





Fast Integration!

Add a Battle Royale Game Mode to your Dedicated Server Based Unreal Engine 4 Game within an hour.

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start casting today

This is a robust casting system with 10 example abilities.

Built to handle Dedicated Servers first but also works on Single and Co-op game builds.

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Coming soon

Create items on the fly with mutable and immutable data structures. Highest performance for both client and server.
Mutable data is stored in sql and queried through JSON for persistence.


Coming Soon!

Our goal is to Create solutions for Unreal Engine 4's dedicated server based Games

We focus on creating lightweight, high performing & low hardware impacting systems for games using UE4's Dedicated Server Build.





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